The Stones in the Field

A new novel by Michael Oates

“In The stones in the Field, Oates delivers a frightening look into the brutal world of kidnapping for ransom.  From the deepest despair to the promise of hope, its message is heartfelt and personal.  A page turning, gripping story about the fragility of life, packed with images that will stay with you a long, long time.”
- Joe Gazzam: Screenwriter for the film 21 Jump Street and author of the Scared Straight thriller Uncaged

"Michael Stephan Oates puts a human face to an ongoing tragedy.  Focusing on an issue many people are aware but know little about, he turns a humanist's eye on the problem of kidnapping for ransom that has become an epidemic in Mexico, using his considerable narrative skill to detail the very personal cost of this horrific crime.  A profoundly heartbreaking work that digs intimately into the details of what is ordinarily generic headline news, The Stones in the Field will not only make you think, but will hopefully provide a call to action against an international human rights atrocity."
- Bentley Little, Bram Stoker award winning author of The Haunting

From the Book Jacket:

The Stones in the Field tells the tragic story of the Castillo family victimized by a senseless kidnapping for ransom.  When Don Luis is taken from his farm at gunpoint, a wife, brother, sister-in-law and daughter must set aside their personal differences and fight for his return.  Relationships are challenged, faith is questioned, and redemption is found in the most unlikely of places.  

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The Stones in the Field


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